1Gain Simple Class featureGain a single class feature of a class you have access to.
The level of the feature can’t exceed the level you have Advanced to in that class.
A Simple Class feature is something that doesn’t scale as you gain levels in that class or that scales poorly (such as Second Wind).
1Develop SenseGain a basic sense such as sight or hearing
1Develop SpeechGain the ability to speak
2Improve ProficiencyGain Proficiency in an Ability/Tool/Trade/Vehicle/Weapon/Armor
2Improve Appraise Proficiency Gain Proficient Appraise or improve it to Expert Appraise
2Improve Status ProficiencyGain Proficient Status or improve it to Expert Status
2Improve Sage ProficiencyGain Proficient Sage or improve it to Expert Sage
2Remember lesser AbilityLocks in a lesser ability from your current or past Darkling forms
3Advance ClassIncrease your level in a Class you have access to
3Remember greater AbilityLocks in a greater ability from your current or past Darkling forms
3Gain Advanced Class FeatureGain a class feature that scales with level belonging to a class you have access to.
This advancement allows you to access iconic features such as Rage and Bardic Inspirations or powerful abilities such as Divine Smite, or simple spellcasting such as the Ranger’s or Paladin’s, but not Major Spellcasting such as the Wizard’s.
4Access ClassGain access to a Class
4Gain FeatGain a Feat
5Gain Major SpellcastingGain full spellcasting progression in a class you have access to that is a major caster class (Wizard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Bard…).
The level of spellcasting is equal to a member of that class with level equal to your access level in that class.