BarbarianMust have Proficiency in Martial Weapons and do at least 2:
Abandon yourself to rage
Kill a creature of at least equal CR in melee combat
Take bloody revenge on somebody that wronged you
BardMust have Proficiency in Performance and do at least 2:
Play for a crowd
Make friend of an enemy
Seduce a creature
ClericMust be at least Liked by the Deity and do at least 2:
Obtain their holy symbol worth at least 25gp
Lead a ritual of theirs
Learn of them
DruidMust have Proficiency in Nature and do at least 2:
Protect the natural balance from a threat 
Live in the wilds for at least a week, without aid
Learn Druidic from a Druid
FighterMust have any weapon or armor Proficiency and do at least 2:
Have another weapon and armor Proficiency
Defeat a creature with a weapon
Drop to 50% hp or less in a fight and win without fleeing
MonkMust have Proficiency in Athletics or Acrobatics and do at least 2:
Control your emotions and meditate for a week
Defeat a creature with your bare hands
Have both Athletics and Acrobatics Proficiency
PaladinMust have Proficiency in Heavy Armor and do at least 2:
Have either Religion, Persuasion, or Insight Proficiency.
Stand by your Ideal even if it comes to harm you
Inspire others to follow your Ideal
RangerMust have Proficiency in Survival and do at least 2:
Have either Animal handling or a weapon Proficiency
Live in the wilds for at least a week, without aid
Hunt or be hunted by a Beast or Monstrosity
RogueMust have Proficiency in Stealth and do at least 2:
Steal something worth at least 25gp
Avoid a Deadly encounter using guile or Stealth
Disarm a trap
SorcererMust be born a Sorcerer (0,1%) or do at least 1:
Eat a magical item (1% chance)
Be subject to a magical effect of a powerful (CR 9+) monster (20% chance, +5% per CR above 9)
Gain access through a Wish-like effect (100% chance)
WarlockMust have Proficiency in History and do at least 2:
Learn the story of your Patron
Meet them or have a long Rest in their Demesne, temple, or prison
Desire power at any cost
WizardMust have Proficiency in Arcana and do at least 2:
Study magic for at least 6% of your lifespan
Obtain a Grimoire
Be able to cast at least 1 Cantrip and 1 level 1 Spell