Feat Prerequisite Description 
Actor+1 in Cha., advantage on Deception and Performance checks, mimic the speech of a person or the sounds made by a creature.
Alert+5 to initiative, you can’t be surprised, and creatures you don’t see don’t gain advantage on attack roll against you.
Artificer InitiateYou learn one cantrip and one 1st-level artificier spell (cast without slot), proficiency with one type of artisan’s tools.
Athlete+1 in Str. or Dex., you stand up and climb more quickly, and you can jump with only a 5-ft run.
Blood MagicThe ability to cast at least one spellSacrifice hit points and regain spell slots of level 5 or lower.
ChargerAs part of the Dash action you can make a melee attack with a +5 bonus if you move at least 10 ft before.
Chef+1 in Con. or Wis., proficiency with cook’s utensils and cook special food to regain hp.
Competent+1 in one ability and you gain proficiency in one skill using this ability.
Crossbow ExpertYou ignore the loading property of crossbows and don’t have disadvantage for being in contact with a creature when you shoot.
Crusher+1 in Str. or Con., 5 ft extra move when you hit (bludgeoning) and attacks with advantage after a critical hit.
Defensive DuelistDexterity 13 or higherYou can add you proficiency bonus to your AC if you are wielding a finesse weapon.
Dual Wielder+1 to CA if you’re wielding a melee weapon in each hand, two-weapon fighting with non-light weapon, draw two weapons.
Dungeon DelverAdvantage to Perception and Investigation checks, to saving throws vs traps, and search for traps at normal pace.
Durable+1 in Con. and for each Hit Dice you regain a minimum of hit points equals to 2 x your Constitution modifier.
Eldritch AdeptSpellcasting or Pact Magic featureYou learn one Eldritch Invocation.
Elemental AdeptThe ability to cast at least one spellYour spells ignore resistance to a damage type (acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder) and treat any 1 in damage as a 2.
Expert+1 in one ability and you gain expertise in one skill you are proficient in and that is using this ability.
Fey Touched+1 in Int., Wis., or Cha., and you learn misty step and one 1st-level spell from divination or enchantment school.
Fighting InitiateProficiency with a martial weaponYou learn one Fighting Style option from the fighter class.
GrapplerStrength 13 or higherYou have advantage on attack rolls when grappling, and can try to restrained a creature grappled by you.
Great Weapon MasterExtra attack after a melee critical hit and you can choose to take -5 to attack roll to add +10 to damage with an heavy weapon.
Gunner+1 in Dex., proficiency with firearms, ignore loading property of firearms and no disadvantage to attacks within 5 ft.
HealerYou can stabilize a creature and restore it to 1 hp, or restore [1d6+4+its number of Hit Dice] hp to it.
Heavily ArmoredProficiency with medium armor+1 in Str. and you gain proficiency with heavy armor.
Heavy Armor MasterProficiency with heavy armor+1 in Str. and bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage are reduced by 3 if you are wearing an heavy armor.
Inspiring LeaderCharisma 13 or higherUp to 6 creatures within 30 ft of you can gain temporary hp equal to your level + your Cha. modifier.
Keen Mind+1 in Int., you know which way is north, when is the next sunrise/sunset, and recall any events within the past month.
Lightly Armored+1 in Str. or Dex. and you gain profociency with light armor.
Linguist+1 in Int., you learn three languages, and you can ably create ciphers.
LuckyYou can reroll one d20 or force to reroll an attack roll against you (3/long rest).
Mage SlayerYou can use a reaction to make a melee attack against a spellcaster and advantage on saving throws against spell within 5 ft.
Magic InitiateYou learn two cantrips and one 1st-level spell from one class.
Martial AdeptYou learn two maneuvers from Battle Master archetype and gain one superiority die (d6).
Medium Armor MasterProficiency with medium armorNo disadvantage to Stealth checks wearing medium armor and Dexterity bonus max to +3 instead of +2.
Metamagic AdeptSpellcasting or Pact Magic featureYou learn two metamagic options and gain 2 sorcery points.
MobileYour speed increase by 10 ft, you can Dash on difficult terrain without malus, and don’t provoke opportunity attacks in melee.
Moderately ArmoredProficiency with light armor+1 in Str. or Dex. and you gain proficiency with medium armor and shields.
Mounted CombatantAdvantage on melee attacks against unmounted creature and force an attack to target you instead of your mount.
Observant+1 in Int. or Wis., you can read on lips, and you have a +5 bonus in passive Perception and passive Investigation.
Piercer+1 in Str. or Dex., reroll one damage dice when you hit (piercing) and one additional damage dice in case of critical hit.
PoisonerProficiency with poisoner’s kit, apply as a bonus action and your attacks ignore resistance to poison damage.
Polearm MasterYou can make an extra attack with a polearm weapon, and make an opportunity attack if a creature enter your reach.
Resilient+1 in one ability and you gain proficiency in saving throws using this ability.
Ritual CasterIntelligence or Wisdom 13 or higherYou have a ritual book with two 1-st level ritual spells from one class and you can later on add other ritual spells you found.
Savage AttackerYou can reroll melee weapon attack damage once per turn.
SentinelA successful OA reduce creature’s speed to 0 for this turn and possibility to make an OA even if the ennemy take Disengage.
Shadow Touched+1 in Int., Wis., or Cha., and you learn invisibility and one 1st-level spell from illusion or necromancy school.
SharpshooterYour ranged attacks ignore some cover, no disavantage at long range, and possibility to take -5 to hit for +10 on ranged damage.
Shield MasterAttack also allows to shove, shield bonus to Dex. saving throws againts spells, and no 1/2 damage on successful saving throw.
Skill Expert+1 in one ability, proficiency in one skill and expertise in one other in which you have proficiency.
SkilledYou gain proliciency with three skills or tools.
SkulkerDexterity 13 or higherRanged weapon attack doesn’t reveal your position and possibility to hide in a lighlly obscured area.
Slasher+1 in Str. or Dex., reduce target’s speed by 10 ft when you hit (slashing) and target has disadvantage on attacks rolls.
Spell SniperThe ability to cast at least one spellOffensive spell’s range doubled, these spells ignore some cover, and you learn one offensive cantrip.
Tavern Brawler+1 in Str. or Con., proficiency with improvised weapons, d4 for unarmed strike, and grapple with a bonus action.
Telekinetic+1 in Int., Wis., or Cha., you learn mage hand and you can try to telekinetically shove one creature (5 ft).
Telepathic+1 in Int., Wis., or Cha., you can cast detect thoughts and you can speak telepathically to any creature within 60 ft.
ToughYour hit point maximum increases by an amount equal to twice your level then by +2 at each level.
War CasterThe ability to cast at least one spellYou have advantage on saving throws to maintain concentration and you can cast some spells as part of an OA with a reaction.
Weapon Master+1 in Str. or Dex. and you gain proficiency with four weapons.